Charlie Caruso

Charlie Caruso

Citizen Journalist and author/editor of Understanding Y, who obsesses over the idea of re-engineering the political system, Charlie was head of global growth for MiVote, is an avid #auspol Tweeter and passionate about political disruption and improving the way we make decisions in Australia. "Right now, we’re all on a plane, and we've realised the pilot is drunk. The election is our opportunity to get the drunk pilot out of the cockpit and hand over to one that’s flown the plane before and can get us down safely," she said.
Charlie Caruso
What I am REALLY interested in is re-engineering a new kind of plane that doesn't allow drunk pilots to even get into the cockpit. One that requires a new kind of pilot, new kind of pilot training, more fuel efficient and goes longer, feels better etc. You’ll hear a lot from me on this, once #ausvotes2019 is over. Disclaimer - I’ve been a member of the Liberals, Labor, Greens, and have preferenced the Independents and minor/micro parties almost exclusively. I don’t see political colours, but I keep an eye on the actions and try to fight against the dysfunction across the political rainbow.

NSW Senate candidate for Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN), Rod Bower (@FrBower) is a husband, father, grandfather, author of Outspoken and — until recently — an Anglican priest in Gosford, at a church where he made his signs so famous.

Charlie Caruso spoke with Rod about his decision to run for the NSW Senate seat, and why he chose to stand with a party of Independents who are committed to delivering effective, evidence-based policies to address the climate emergency.

Becoming a grandfather gave Rod an entirely new lens through which he saw the world and his role in it. Despite more than 27 years working for and with the local community — in both his role within the church and board roles as an advocate for a number of social justice and human rights issues — over time it became clearer that making the kind of impact he desired would require a transition into parliament.

People are looking for authentic visionary leadership that changes culture and delivers an outcome that is going to create a world in which our grandchildren can flourish.

Rod Bower

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