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Project concept

The Citizen Journos Seat Reporting Project is explained by Margo Kingston here: Immersion journalism for democracy and here Ready to go on @NoFibs Election13 citizen journo seat reports


Jan Bowman reports from Griffith
Jan Bowman

Seat Scene Setter
Griffith Seat Reports

Emma Kennedy reports from Kennedy
Emma Kennedy

Seat Scene Setter
Kennedy Seat Reports

Michael Burge reports from Bowman










Seat Scene Setter
Bowman Seat Reports

Stephanie Dale reports on Forde

Seat Scene Setter
Forde Seat Reports


Alison Parkes reports from Mitchell
Alison Parkes

Seat Scene Setter
Mitchell Seat Reports

David Davis reports from Wentworth

Seat Scene Setter
Wentworth Seat Reports

 Jack Sumner reports from Bennelong
Jack Sumner

Seat Scene Setter
Bennelong Seat Reports

Lisa Kremmer reports from Macarthur
LK Profile photo 2

Seat Scene Setter
Macarthur Seat Reports

Margaret O’Connor reports from Eden Monaro
Margaret O'Connor

Seat Scene Setter
Eden Monaro Seat Reports


Georgie Moore reports from Higgins
Georgie Moore

Seat Scene Setter
Higgins Seat Reports

John Englart reports from Wills

Seat Scene Setter
Wills Seat Reports

Bumpy Favell reports from Batman

Seat Scene Setter
Batman Seat Reports

Su Dharmapala reports from Deakin
Seat Scene Setter
Deakin Seat Reports

Michelle Slater reports from La Trobe

Seat Scene Setter
La Trobe Seat Reports

Jenny Bates reports from Lalor

Seat Scene Setter
Lalor Seat Reports

Grant Philpots reports from Gellibrand

Seat Scene Setter
Gellibrand Seat Reports

Angus Barnes reports from Dunkley


Dunkley scene setter
Dunkley Seat Reports

Michelle Primmer reports from Corangamite

Seat Scene Setter
Corangamite Seat Reports

Wayne Jansson reports from Indi
Wayne Jansson

Seat Scene Setter
Indi Seat Reports
#IndiVotes Social Stream


Ian Bell reports from Bass

Seat Scene Setter
Bass Seat Reports


Shane Willsmore reports from Sturt
Shane Willsmore

Seat Scene Setter
Sturt Seat Reports

Jacqueline Dettman reports on Hindmarsh
Jacqueline Dettman

Seat Scene Setter
Hindmarsh Seat Reports

Anais Chevalier reports from Adelaide
head shot

Seat Scene Setter
Adelaide Seat Reports


Guinevere Hall reports from Tangney
Guinevire Hall

Seat Scene Setter
Tangney Seat Reports

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