Stephanie Dale

Stephanie Dale

Citizen Journalist at No Fibs
Stephanie Dale is a journalist and author with a background of 25 years in media, politics and publishing. Stephanie believes we need to find new ways of sharing our Earth, and making way for all its people, not just those privileged by the current economic system, and all its creatures - on their own terms.
Stephanie Dale
I have two published books available - the novel Hymn for the Wounded Man and the travel memoir My Pilgrim's Heart, which was reviewed recently by the Huffington Post.


What is your vision for Forde?

The Queensland Green Party vision for Forde and my vision, as Sally Spain, Greens candidate for Forde, is to deliver a more just, safe, sharing. prosperous and fair future. To do this we need to build on and preserve the strengths of the past and be prepared to respond to the challenges and opportunities up ahead.



What do you see as the most important issues for the people of Forde?

Economy, environment, employment, education, amenity, affordability and assets. These are the most important issues for the people of Forde.

Economy means ensuring that we are reliant on a diversity of opportunities, not just a limited number of employment pathways.

Environment means we preserve the coastal lowlands and hinterland bushland that are unique attributes, that contribute to our character, vistas, oxygen, waterways, agriculture and tourism future.

Employment can be stimulated and directed by Federal Policies and regional grants and it is essential that an overview, which incorporates plans for the future, ensures that opportunities and the talents of Forde are maximised.

Education means providing job training ensuring Gonski Reforms and Funding are incorporated into our school system, ensuring that Greens policy that tertiary students get a decent allowance and not allowing our tertiary sector to be financially disadvantaged as a result of extra funds for schools.

Amenity means that development is accompanied by infrastructure, critical environmental assets are not degraded and lost and safe and secure urban living areas are provided.

Affordability means that a Federal watch is provided on monopolies, access to housing, and the ability of everyone to have a place to live and a chance to share a fair Australian way of life.

Assets means that the “wealth for toil” of our anthem is translated into a sharing of our inheritance, by means of the Mining Tax and other Commonwealth powers, so that the Australia the Forde residents know is fair.

What’s most important to you personally?

Personally, having lived since childhood in my home on the banks of the Coomera River, the preservation of our natural landscapes is very important to me, so that our children have access to the Australian bushland, which has formed our National character and offered us recreation, joy and beauty.

Why are you the person to deliver?

I am the candidate to deliver because I belong to a Party which is not beholden to big interests to call the tune, does not change its stance or principles but stands by its justice and conservation principles.

What will change if you are elected?

If I am elected the people of Forde can expect to see a new focus on promotion of the Region and the safety of knowing the green Party does shy away from the National challenges, such as climate change, Australian equity in foreign investment and the emphasis on a fair go for all.

In order to deliver on your vision – what hard realities must the people of Forde face?

No answer.

What will stay the same?

What will stay the same is building on the traditional strengths of Forde, agriculture, construction, value for the historic past, respect for the Aussie environment, small business promotion, small industry (such as at Yatala) and increase in the sponsorship of the artistic life of the region.

What can you offer that the other candidates cannot?

The people of Forde would face a fresh era of consultation re their ideas, input and vision for their and their families’ future. The Green Party is a consultative party geared to listen to people.

How will you deliver on your vision depending on the outcome of the election?

No one knows how the balance of power will play out in the lower or upper house in Canberra but a vote for Sally Spain of the Queensland Greens shows that you, the voter, stand for justice and care of the only planet we have, and you can carefully then consider your preferences and pass on first vote message that you have clearly sent.