Kate Zarifeh
Kate is a photographer based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Her main area of interest has been sports photography. "Zali Stegall’s former Olympic success really sparked my interest when she decided to run in the federal election in the seat of Warringah," she said. "I live in the electorate and was keen to get on board. I had a stint working in Parliament House with a TV network many moons ago and Zali's campaign ignited my interest in working for change in Warringah. I've been documenting this history-making campaign from the beginning."
Kate Zarifeh

While I’ve been photographing the campaign of Independent candidate for Warringah Zali Stegall, various media outlets have been trailing the campaign and I’ve captured them during my work.

The ABC’s Four Corners is producing a special on the Warringah electorate to air before the election. Margo Kingston of No Fibs was totally oblivious to me taking pics of her working hard on her Twitter game! She has been travelling and interviewing many of the 13 Independent candidates in the 2019 federal election, and she is going out with a bang, as it won’t be long before this legend of Australian journalism will be retiring! If you look closely, you can see she is sporting a Kerryn Phelps shirt! Shall we get you a turquoise one Margo?!

I’ve also captured personal moments. Zali with her mum Susan and her dad Jack. All Zali’s volunteers have so much enthusiasm and passion; many I have spoken to have never volunteered before in a political campaign and are very happy to support Zali with her slogan of, ‘Let’s turn Warringah turquoise.’

Dedication and discipline

I’ve also met plenty of others behind the scenes. Matt works on the campaign and has many hats and he keeps everything running smoothly and his work is never done. I captured him “taking a breather” while Zali did her piece for Margo’s video. He told me he had 19 pressing matters to deal with!

There was also a bizarre happening of the day: I went out the back of a shop to use the toilet and ran into a guy peeling four massive boxes of bananas for his shop! Wasn’t quite expecting that.

I met a lady at the pre-poll booth in Mosman. She designed the ‘Goodbye Tony’ shirt she was wearing herself and had several printed for her friends. She quietly goes to various places around the electorate making a polite and silent vigil as she expresses her views. Very inspirational, the silent part!

Tina Jackson has the most infectious laugh and brightens up everyone’s day when she is near. She lives at Mosman and knows everyone, it’s quite amusing when she is out with Zali, “Oh come in here, this person has to meet you. This place is iconic. You must stop in here. A photo here would be great”. She is one of the people in charge of the Mosman volunteers and no matter where my camera is, whenever I am out, she always has a big smile on her face.