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”March in March Australia 2014 will be three days of peaceful assemblies, non-partisan citizens’ marches and rallies at Federal Parliament and around Australia to protest against government decisions that are against the common good of our nation.”

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#March in March Australia 2014: Protest times, dates and locations
Jenna Price: 
March in March grows from genuine grassroots

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Ariadne Vromen: March in March: the old ways of doing politics are under challenge

Defying conventional understanding

Peter Barnes: #MarchinMarch deniers – in speaking you show your unease

If the MIM were the irrelevant, easily dismissed non-event you claim it is, why are you all going on about it so long, loud and vehemently?

Fatima Measham: We will protest on your behalf

We are, pardon the hyperbole, under siege – in case you hadn’t noticed.

Van Badham: March in March marks the birth of a new kind of activism

Political parties are no longer the channel of activism in this country; they have become its target.

John Birmingham: Will you miss us when we’re gone?

That you won’t care, and that there will be no reason to care.

Jim Parker: Left Right Out

Perhaps the Fourth Estate might like to provide some analysis that reaches beyond their cosy and simplistic left-right, party political view of the world?

Wendy Bacon: Why I Supported March In March

March in March was a resounding success because of its diversity, not in spite of it.

Jenna Price: Pay attention, PM, else it may be at your peril

”You’ll never believe what happened next.”


This is a government that actively and extensively lied before the election.

Lyndon Morley: The Nuts and Bolts of Contemporary Australian Political Discourse

Bolt, you’re the enemy of civil political discourse. You’re not a journalist but a propagandist & hatemonger.

The Shallow Side: March in March – the end of mainstream media for a generation

Mainstream media were irrelevant in the march’s formation, and made themselves further irrelevant in its reporting.

Wendy Bacon: Thousands march against Abbott government in regional centres around Australia


Sortius’ March in March 2014 Speech, Melbourne from Sortius on Vimeo.


Viv Moore! March in March Melbourne

March in March Alice Springs from Matt Woodham on Vimeo.

“When we all throw Abbott out”

Melbourne #MarchInMarch today was a good vibes, family friendly Street Party Protest

Father Rod Bower speaking at March in March Gosford

Lachlan Phillips explains why he is marching

March in March (Darwin) – Akmal Saleh

Sally Newell’s Facebook Gallery of #marchinmarch Melbourne

March In March YouTube Channel